Entry requirements: Non-Standard Route

Non-Standard Entry to Undergraduate Degree Programs for Mature Students

For many mature students, returning to education later in life can be an exciting and challenging prospect. However, it can also be daunting, particularly for those who may not have the traditional qualifications usually required for entry into undergraduate degree programs. Fortunately, there are alternative routes into higher education that cater specifically to mature students who have gained valuable work experience.

Many universities across the UK offer non-standard entry routes to undergraduate degree programs for mature students aged over 21. These programs are designed for individuals who have a wealth of life and work experience, but who may not meet the typical academic requirements for university entry.

Mature students can apply for undergraduate degree programs via several non-standard entry routes, including:

  • Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL)
  • Access to Higher Education Diplomas
  • Foundation Year Programs
  • Work Experience Entry

Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL)

APL allows students to gain credit for their prior learning and experience. This credit can then be used towards an undergraduate degree program. To apply for APL, mature students must be able to demonstrate that they have gained relevant knowledge and skills through work experience, volunteering, or other activities.

Access to Higher Education Diplomas

Access to Higher Education Diplomas are designed for mature students who do not have the traditional qualifications required for entry into university. These diplomas are equivalent to A-levels and provide a pathway into undergraduate degree programs. Students can choose from a range of subjects, including health sciences, social sciences, and business.

Foundation Year Programs

Foundation Year Programs are designed for students who do not have the required qualifications for entry into an undergraduate degree program. These programs provide an opportunity for students to develop the necessary academic skills and knowledge to progress onto an undergraduate degree program.

Work Experience Entry

Work Experience Entry is a non-standard route into higher education for mature students with significant work experience. It allows students to use their work experience as evidence of their skills and knowledge, instead of traditional qualifications. Students will need to provide evidence of their work experience and undergo an interview with the university.

When applying for non-standard entry routes to undergraduate degree programs, it is important to research the different options available and choose the best route for your individual circumstances. It is also important to check the specific entry requirements of each university, as they may vary.

In conclusion, non-standard entry routes into undergraduate degree programs for mature students offer a flexible and accessible way to gain a higher education qualification. With the right support and guidance, mature students can use their work experience and life skills to pursue their academic goals and achieve their full potential.

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